About Hill

Since 2015, I’ve provided professional life coaching services using subtle energy approaches to empower people to experience personal fulfillment and professional success. I’ve trained with the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology and a number of life coaches, energy psychology practitioners, and intuitive and spiritual healers.

In 2018, in addition to my coaching practice I served on the peer review committee for the science symposium for the 25th Conference of the International Society for the Study of Subtle Energies and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM). ISSSEEM is “an open forum for the scientific and intuitive exploration of integrative healing, applied spirituality, and the subtle realms.”

Previously, I was a therapist, and a professor of psychology and philosophy: I provided therapy in a variety of settings including university, clinic, corporate, social agency, and private practice venues for over 30 years. And I taught at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of San Francisco, and John F. Kennedy University. Additionally, I helped design and implement two organizations:

  • The first accredited graduate program in the U.S. in consciousness studies (Graduate School for the Study of Human Consciousness, John F. Kennedy University, San Francisco Bay Area).
  • A scientific and educational corporation consisting of 1) a psychotherapeutic training institute; 2) a psychological counseling clinic; and 3) a holistic growth center offering workshops in the exploration of human potential (Institute for Living, Philadelphia).

My transition from therapist and professor to life coach and subtle energy practitioner came about as a consequence of needing to undergo a healing journey related to some of my as yet undiscovered childhood trauma. After many years as a therapist and a professor, suddenly my career came to an abrupt halt when I developed a disabling illness. Unable to work or live a pain free life, I sought help from conventional and alternative medical and psychotherapeutic approaches. Some were helpful, but of limited assistance.

To get my health back, I pursued more deeply my own personal spiritual practices. Simultaneously, I worked with life coaches, energy psychology practitioners, and with spiritual and intuitive healers. I am now pain free and live a full life. These different approaches, especially the subtler level modalities, opened new and deeper views of the universe to me, expanding my sense of the possible. 

In my spare time I work on tracking what’s going on in this quickly changing world of ours, and enjoy playing the piano, listening to classical music, walking in nature, and eating chocolate.

What People Are Saying about Hill Eshbach

“…an enormously caring and highly educated man.”

“He has helped me see more clearly my life purpose and manifest it.”

“…my spirits have been lifted…”