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“It was a great pleasure to have met you and I truly enjoyed your energy space. Your gentle processing allowed me the opportunity to access a core belief that I’ve worked on for at least 45 years. “I came home and immediately shared with my husband, Ron, the happiness I had experienced meeting you. I …

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“Thank you, Hill.  Your wise words raise many questions and have pointed me in a new direction totally.”


“I had difficulty for over 10 years being fully attentive and present at business meetings. Then finally I had to do something about it. Through your help in clearing my energy system and helping me restore balance, I am now no longer distracted by worrying about my issues. You did something wonderful for me. Thank …

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“Hill is not only a subtle energy life coach, I found him also an enormously caring and highly educated man. I benefitted not only from his accurate intuitive perceptions, but his wisdom about how the world works as well. “I previously worked in a major city for a company with annual sales of over $6 …

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“Hill has an amazing background in coaching, intuitive assessments, soul mentoring, psychology, and metaphysics, including many years of professional experience. His background makes him the expert life coach he is today. He has always been caring, supportive, and helpful in all aspects of my sessions. “Hill has helped me see more clearly my life purpose …

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