“Hill is not only a subtle energy life coach, I found him also an enormously caring and highly educated man. I benefitted not only from his accurate intuitive perceptions, but his wisdom about how the world works as well.

“I previously worked in a major city for a company with annual sales of over $6 billion, and had a difficult commute. My compensation package was in the low six figures. I wanted a job with a maximum commute of 30 minutes, where I could use the skills I had been carefully honing for a couple of decades.

“Hill coached me through the processes of aligning my interests with those of potential employers, on how to organize and present my case, and even coached me on written documents and interview preparation materials and presentations.

“The consequence is that I’ve now been hired into a made-for-me position I’m really happy with, in a company I’m delighted to work for, with a compensation package that has increased by 10%, and I have less than a 30-minute commute.

“I’m truly delighted with my new job and my spirits have been lifted, which spill over into my personal life, improving it as well. I feel truly blessed! I recommend Hill without reservation.”

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